Beyond Fit Vegan Transition
Beyond Fit Muscle Gain


My integrated 13 week Beyond Fit Weight Loss vegan program will help you achieve your weight goals, feel more energetic, confident and happy in your own skin.



All meal planning and nutritional advice is wholefood vegan-based. You will receive a wholesome vegan meal plan every 2 weeks, which will be balanced in all macros and micronutrients. The meal plan will include recipes and a grocery list. This is a higher-carb meal plan to fuel your body and to get through every day easily during the 13-week program plan. NO extreme diet measures are taken to achieve your goals.


If there are any foods that you cannot tolerate, or simply don’t like, I can work around these issues and substitute alternative vegan plant-based options. I have worked with many soy, nut, and gluten-free clients, and those with digestive and gut conditions have all benefited from my wholefood plant-based meal plans.


Before building the program, you will fill out the assessment where I can learn more about you, your body, and limitations if any. There are video demonstrations, voice cues, and timers; everything is customized. You have the option of training from home, using a bodyweight style program or gym. Beginners are welcome! 


You will access the exclusive members account. You will have weekly check-ins and onboarding call via zoom with me. You will have access to my private coaching group for questions, education, support and motivation during your program plus you can reach me 24/7 via text or app during your 13 weeks program.