Why 13 weeks?

It usually takes around four months for the body to adapt to the new habits along with the nutrition and training, and see significant results in body recomposition, strength, energy, and overall wellness.

I can't afford the program, what are my options?

We’ve partnered up with PayPal Credit, they can offer you 6 months interest free credit & you’ll gain instant access to the course today.

How long will it take before I see results?

Generally, it takes 6 weeks before you begin to “see” results. What type of results you “see” is very individual and depends on your baseline fitness, how hard and how frequently you exercise, and what your goals are. More importantly however, you will “feel” the results of exercise almost immediately.

How often can I speak with the trainer?

You can contact Arina 24/7 via text or app massaging. You will also get a 1:1 weekly check ins via Zoom. 

I’ve never exercised before, is strength training safe for me?

Strength Training is safe for most everyone, you can always check with your physician for any contradictions before starting any exercise program. As long as you start slowly, and do not try to progress too quickly, you will find wonderful benefits from weight lifting.