What our

clients say

Many trainers try to fit you into one of their programs but Arina instead listened to my needs and developed a plan to meet them. It has been, and continues to be, a great journey working towards meeting my fitness goals. Arina maintains a dynamic approach, regularly measuring, reviewing and modifying my program to keep me focussed.

Graeme S.

When I met Arina, I had never done any strength training and I was incredibly intimidated to start.  Arina met me where I was, made me feel completely at ease, and helped me build confidence in my own abilities. She pushed me to limits I didn't know I could reach, but always in a way that made me feel safe.  Arina is a fantastic coach, cheerleader and friend.  I'm very grateful to have worked with her!

Kelly M.

Arina is the best trainer I have ever worked with. She encouraged me to reach my goals in and out of the gym. I have not felt this confident in years!

Mary D. 

Arina has been a source of motivation and education about my body and eating habits. She carefully plans my exercise routines and diet plans, catering them to my needs and abilities. I know she is genuinely invested in my health.

I look forward to the workouts and have gradually increased the number of days I train every week. Beyond Fit program is the highlight of my day because I feel better about myself. I’ve worked out with other trainers. There’s no beating Arina. She’s simply the best!

Upnit B.

As a 1:1 client of Arina’s, I felt like I hit the fitness jackpot. Having worked with many trainers before who didn’t understand the body, nutrition, or kinesiology, Arina has an intuition and a careful eye to notice what your body needs. The training and nutrition program gave me immediate results on muscle gain, and we stayed injury free and corrected some muscle imbalances along the way!

Namir S.