How I got started


My journey began back in 2014 when I helped myself to overcome my physical limitations and lack of self-worth. My life consisted of a lack of energy and confidence, body dysmorphia, and a lot of uncertainty. I finally hit a breaking point where I discovered my passion for the gym, where I was able to transform my body, become stronger within and out. 


Over the course of the next few years, I continued learning more about exercising, plant-based nutrition, and mindset. It became a lifestyle and I was finally feeling happy in my own skin.

Why Coaching


I enjoy helping others and it fills a need in me. It’s important to me that my work is both enjoyable and fulfilling. 


Helping others to feel good about themselves and create a better quality of life through coaching and vegan nutrition uses my natural talents and skills and helps me feel confident about my abilities to contribute good things to the world. My work has helped me in so many ways! I now lead a happy, healthy and balanced life that I love and I owe it all to coaching.

Why Vegan


I became vegan for many different reasons but the most important one is animal cruelty. In 2020 I watched a documentary called Game Changers. Most of you probably heard of it. It opened my eye on many things like how factory farming works or how it affects our environment and how that meat affects our health. My choice of going vegan was not more than a 1 day decision.


So I was thinking about how I can help animals and make the world a better place. So I created an integrated vegan fitness program where I teach my clients about a healthy and sustainable vegan diet, and how to stay truly healthy and fit. I work with people around the world who are vegans, vegetarians, or those who want to transition to a vegan lifestyle.